John Hampton


John Hampton was born and raised in Detroit, MI until he was in high school and moved to Lansing where he has stayed ever since.

Early on in life John had nurtured a love of photography but life deemed to intervene when he had to set aside that love and focus on more important things like surviving. It was soon after the time he moved back to Lansing that tragedy struck. Just like that John was parentless and had to focus on more practical skills.

In the winter of 2011 he began taking Judo classes at the local community college where he met two woman who would become his good friends, one of which he would marry and the other would become the sole owner of Twisted Focus LLC.

During college he thoroughly studied Psychology and gained a degree in computer sciences (as well as of course some Judo classes). He began building his own PC’s and completed a paid internship.

It was the Spring of 2017 that photography made an appearance in his life once again when he contacted his friend, Amy Wyma, to cover his wedding. It was soon after that John reached out to see if her could learn from her. The photos had reignited his passion and now he was hungry to start learning again.

“Giving up is what kills your soul.”

While she was a little hesitant as she’d had no formal training herself but he was a quick study. They worked closely together for a few sessions before he was officially added to the Twisted Focus roster.

He’s recently began exploring harsh lighting and body studies that have really brought his talent farther than it’s ever showed before.