Lacey Hampton


Lacey was born and raised in Lansing Michigan. She grew up around photography as her grandfather was a photographer before she had been born. The arts played an important role in high school as well as her home life when she worked closely within the drama department, helping create backdrops and props.

In 2012 she began studying Judo at her local community college where she met her future husband John Hampton and Amy Wyma who at the time was studying American Sign Language to become an interpreter but would eventually open a photography business, Twisted Focus Photography LLC and be it’s sole owner. All three hit it off pretty well and continued to hang out in the coming years, more so when Amy moved with her husband to Lansing from Grand Rapids for a few years.

After marrying John in the Spring of 2017 she watched as his passion for photography blossomed and he became more involved in Twisted Focus. She began attending meeting to help as best she could and was surprised when Amy offered a position as the Lansing liason for the photography company. Lacey didn’t back down however. She took on the role with gusto, reaching out to several contacts and attending meetings with Amy.

She is currently also working with Amy to help build contacts for Aperture of the Black Cat’s wedding photography services by working with a local baker as well as communicating with the local wedding expo that will be happening next year.