Naomi Locklin


Naomi Locklin was born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI. She faced many challenges throughout her life. At the early age of 14 she was placed in the foster care system and moved from home to home until she was 16 when she was officially adopted by the Locklin family. However the twists and turns of life never stopped her endless creativity. She grew up with a love of reading, writing and occasionally drawing which she still does on a daily basis to this day.

She briefly lived in Kentucky but moved back in the Spring of 2016 to move in with her long time friend Brittany and Brittany’s husband Luke. On one of their outings they decided to meet up with some friends in Lansing. That’s when she crossed paths with Amy and Ricky Wyma. The group became quick friends and continued hanging out until the following year when the couple moved in to the empty room in the house.

“Photography feels right. It feels like it’s something that’s… mine.”

Eventually the household as a whole attended the wedding of John Hampton and Lacey Parks which Amy and Ricky were working professionally.

While Amy’s husband became busy with other tasks she was left assistantless during a photo op with the couple. Naomi quickly volunteered to help. It was around that time that she and Amy began working together off and on. Every time a camera fell into her hands Naomi’s mind was given a sense of peace and belonging. It wasn’t long before she as an official member of Twisted Focus.

Naomi does private photo shoots, event coverage and runs our tumblr page as well as our other social media pages from time to time. Feel free to drop her a line some time!