Ricky Wyma


Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Ricky Wyma graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design in the Spring of 2012. After feeling burnt out by the many years of stress that the College supplied in truckloads he decided to forgo going into his field shortly after attempting, without success, to find a Graphic Design job in Grand Rapids. Instead he focused his efforts on supporting his fiance (Amy Twiest) at the time. In the Summer of 2014 they married and moved out to Lansing to be closer to his new wife’s college. But not more than a year later she felt burnt out herself and graduated early with a general degree instead of the focused degree in American Sign Language Interpreting.

On my bio just put “Meh”.

For a short time they both lived simply passing the time. Ricky with his favorite pass-time: gaming and Amy with her passion: writing and photography. Soon that passion, after a short trip home, began a journey that would test his graphic design skills in a different way than he’d imagined when he initially graduated. Ever up to the challenge his first test was a logo, made from scratch. Below is what would be created.


As the years passed he stayed by her side, teaching her various Photoshop techniques and giving his moral support.

While his specialty in typography came in handy with logos and advertisements he always felt a little unsteady with special effects in photoshop. When asked to complete a major undertaking of some more advanced effects he yielded to a fellow Kendall college Graphic Design graduate: Ashley Lemin. Ashley would become a Special Effects specialist for Twisted Focus in the graphic design department that currently numbers at 2.

In the summer of 2017 he took on the additional role of videographer as Twisted Focus was hired to cover JAFAX, a local anime convention in Grand Rapids. He’d had the role previously in a few weddings but never something quite as big as the convention. Some may think that it’s not a terribly big deal but Ricky, like 15 million other Americans (his wife included) Ricky suffers from social anxiety. Despite this, he asked over a dozen cosplayers to allow him to film them as well as a massive number of vendors and con goers.

He plans to continue working alongside his wife, learning this new skill and using his background of Graphic Design to continue helping create new logos and overlooking dozens of design elements that go into making the company look the way it does.